Frequent question: Which SQL statements can be used in database testing?

Answer: All DDL, DML, DCL, and TCL statements of SQL can be used in database testing, (i) DDL (Data Definition Language): All statements related to this can be used in defining the database structure or schema.

How SQL is used in testing?

SQL Test uses the open-source tSQLt framework, a set of T-SQL tables, views, stored procedures, and functions. SQL unit testing runs through simple queries which use the framework to check the values of your data types and to mock database objects.

What is database testing in SQL?

Database Testing is a type of software testing that checks the schema, tables, triggers etc. of the database under test. It involves creating complex queries for performing the load or stress test on the database and check its responsiveness. It checks integrity and consistency of data.

How do you test a database query?

How to Test the Database (Step-by-step Process)

  1. Step #1) Prepare the environment.
  2. Step #2) Run a test.
  3. Step #3) Check test result.
  4. Step #4) Validate according to the expected results.
  5. Step #5) Report the findings to the respective stakeholders.
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What are the types of SQL statements?

Types of SQL Statements

  • Data Definition Language (DDL) Statements.
  • Data Manipulation Language (DML) Statements.
  • Transaction Control Statements.
  • Session Control Statements.
  • System Control Statement.
  • Embedded SQL Statements.

Is SQL needed for testing?

SQL experience was required to verify the test data, insert, update, and delete the test data values in the database. … As part of our testing we compared the UI tool output and the database output by inputting the same values to the tool and the database to make sure that the tool was functioning properly.

What is test data with example?

Test data is data which has been specifically identified for use in tests, typically of a computer program. Some data may be used in a confirmatory way, typically to verify that a given set of input to a given function produces some expected result.

What is the purpose of database testing?

Database Testing is Important in software testing because it ensures data values and information received and stored into database are valid or not. Database testing helps to save data loss, saves aborted transaction data and no unauthorized access to the information.

Which tool is used for ETL testing?

The Best ETL Testing Tools

  • Bitwise QualiDI ETL Test Automation Platform. …
  • Codoid ETL Testing Services. …
  • Datagaps ETL Validator. …
  • iCEDQ. …
  • Informatica PowerCenter Data Validation. …
  • Original Software TestBench. …
  • QuerySurge Data Warehouse Testing. …
  • RightData.

How do you do API testing?

API testing flow is quite simple with three main steps:

  1. Send the request with necessary input data.
  2. Get the response having output data.
  3. Verify that the response returned as expected in the requirement.
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How do you unit test a SQL query?

Unit tests verify the logic of a SQL query by running that query on some fixed set of inputs.

In a test query, you specify:

  1. The query you’re testing.
  2. The faked inputs, each labeled with their referenced name.
  3. The expected output of running the query on the faked inputs.

What are the tools used for database testing?

Database Testing Tools

  • Database Benchmark.
  • Database Rider.
  • Db stress.
  • DbUnit.
  • DB Test Driven.
  • HammerDB.
  • JdbcSlim.
  • JDBC (Java DataBase Delta Testing)

How do I test a SQL query in Junit?

Each testing method, then, must:

  1. Chose a proper set of parameter values.
  2. (Optionally) Initialize the tested component in a required initial state.
  3. Invoke the tested method.
  4. Check that the returned result is equal to the expected result.
  5. Clean up the tested component not to let any “dirt” from the executed test.
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