How do I set keyboard shortcuts in SQL Server?

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) offers keyboard shortcuts. By default, it uses the SQL Server scheme, with keyboard shortcuts based on Visual Studio. To change the keyboard scheme or add more keyboard shortcuts, on the Tools menu, select Options. Select the desired keyboard scheme on the Environment, Keyboard page.

How do I enable shortcut keys in SQL Server?

setting the keyboard shortcuts

go to tools -> options. go to environment -> keyboard -> query shortcuts. on the right side, you can see some shortcuts which are by default in ssms.

How do I create a shortcut key in SQL Server 2012?

Open SSMS->Go to Tools -> Select Options.

  1. Go to Environment -> Keyboard -> Query Shortcuts. …
  2. Click OK. …
  3. Let’s consider a scenario to display the definition of non default schema objects. …
  4. Keyboard Shortcut – Passing Parameter to Query using sp_executesql. …
  5. After successful execution, the SQL is ready for the customization.

How do I create a shortcut key in SQL Server Management Studio?

Adding a new keyboard shortcut in SSMS.

  1. Select the right command to set the shortcut on. Type Query. …
  2. Change the Use new shortcut in to SQL Query Editor.
  3. Click on Press shortcut keys: and hit the key combination you want to use. …
  4. Hit the Assign button.
  5. Hit the Ok button (Unless you want to assign more shortcuts.
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How do I activate keyboard shortcuts?

Enable Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Click the Settings icon.
  2. Select Settings. Scroll down the General settings tab until you find the Keyboard shortcuts category.
  3. Click the Keyboard shortcuts on option button on the General tab.
  4. Click the Save Changes button.

How do I customize SQL Server?

How to customise SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

  1. 1 – Create a list of comma-separated columns. …
  2. Tools > Options > Text Editor.
  3. Tools > Options > Environment > Startup.
  4. Options > Connection Properties > Use custom colour.
  5. Reports > Standard Reports > Pick your report.
  6. Tables > Right click > Filter > Filter Settings.

What is the shortcut key to run a query?

F5 or Ctrl + E — Execute a query.

What is Sp_lock?

The sp_lock system stored procedure is a great tool for checking the amount of locking that occurs on your database system. It returns the number and types of locks that are being held by current active SQL Server sessions.

How do I enable F5 in SQL Server?

Execute” Scope=”SQL Query Editor”>F5</RemoveShortcut> line from file and restart SSMS.

What are the keywords in SQL?

List of SQL Keywords

  • CREATE. The CREATE Keyword is used to create a database, table, views, and index. …
  • PRIMARY KEY. This keyword uniquely identifies each of the records. …
  • INSERT. The INSERT Keyword is used to insert the rows of data to a table. …
  • SELECT. …
  • FROM. …
  • ALTER. …
  • ADD. …

How do I format a stored procedure?

With all of the objects scripted out as ALTER statements, in a single query window, simply choose SQL Prompt’s Format SQL option, or use the Ctrl+K, Ctrl+Y shortcut, in order to format the script in the desired manner.

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What is the shortcut key for menu editor?

For example, to open the Edit menu, press ALT+E. You can rearrange and modify toolbar buttons, menus, and menu commands by using the Customize dialog box.

What does Ctrl L do in SQL Server?

SSMS: The Query Window Keyboard Shortcuts

SSMS …Toggle the full-screen display Shift+Alt+Enter
Current Query, selected or all …Display estimated execution plan Ctrl+L
…Include Client Statistics Shift+Alt+S
…Include Actual Execution Plan Ctrl+M
…Cancel the executing query Alt+Break
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