How do you find the product in Java?

How do you find the product of a number in Java?

Program to calculate product of digits of a number

  1. Get the number.
  2. Declare a variable to store the product and set it to 1.
  3. Repeat the next two steps till the number is not 0.
  4. Get the rightmost digit of the number with help of remainder ‘%’ operator by dividing it with 10 and multiply it with product.

What is a product in Java?

Java Programming Java8Java Technologies. The * operator in Java is used to multiply two numbers. Read required numbers from the user using Scanner class and multiply these two integers using the * operator.

How do you find the product of a given number?

Logic to find product of digits of a number:

Multiply the last digit (last_digit) found above with prod i.e. prod= prod* last_digit. Remove last digit by dividing the number by 10 i.e. num = num / 10. Repeat steps 3-5 until the number becomes 0. In the last, you will get the product of the digits of the input number.

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What is multiply in Java?

In order to multiply numbers in Java, we will use the asterisk (*) between each number or variable. int x = 12; int y = 13; int z = x * y; System.

What is digit product?

Given any whole number take the sum of the digits, and the product of the digits, and multiply these together to get a new whole number; for example, starting with 6712, the sum of the digits is 6+7+1+2=16, and the product of the digits is 6times 7times 1times 2=84.

What is the algorithm to find the product of two numbers?

One simple way is to add x , y times OR add y, x times which is simple enough and is linear. Second way is to pick any number(say x) and see which all bits are set in that number and if ith bit is set just do this: product +=y<<i//product is 0 initially and do this for all i.

What is array in Java?

An array is a container object that holds a fixed number of values of a single type. The length of an array is established when the array is created. After creation, its length is fixed. … Each item in an array is called an element, and each element is accessed by its numerical index.

What is the difference between throw and exception?

1. Throws clause is used to declare an exception, which means it works similar to the try-catch block. On the other hand throw keyword is used to throw an exception explicitly.

What is MouseListener in Java?

The Java MouseListener is notified whenever you change the state of mouse. It is notified against MouseEvent. The MouseListener interface is found in java. awt. event package.

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How do you find the product?

The product of two numbers is the result you get when you multiply them together. So 12 is the product of 3 and 4, 20 is the product of 4 and 5 and so on.

What is the product of 1 100?

The product of first 100 whole numbers will be . It is because 0 is also a whole number and any thing multiplied by 0 will give out answer to be 0,no matter how long the series is.

What is the product of one?


What are data types in Java?

Data Types in Java

  • boolean data type.
  • byte data type.
  • char data type.
  • short data type.
  • int data type.
  • long data type.
  • float data type.
  • double data type.

How do you divide in Java?

Division Operators in Java

  1. Divison Operator. The division operator divides left-hand operand by right-hand operand.
  2. Modulus Operator. The modulus operator divides left-hand operand by right-hand operand and returns remainder.
  3. Divide And Assignment Operator. …
  4. Example.
  5. Output.

What is the divide sign in Java?

Of course Java can also do multiplication and division. Since most keyboards don’t have the times and division symbols you learned in grammar school, Java uses * to mean multiplication and / to mean division.

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