What are the two ways in which a file can be closed in Java?

How do you close a file in Java?

The close() method of FileOutputStream class is used to close the file output stream and releases all system resources associated with this stream.

  1. Syntax. public void close() …
  2. Parameter. NA.
  3. Return Value. This method does not return any value.
  4. Exception. NA.
  5. Example 1. …
  6. Example 2.

What is the close method in Java?

The close() method of Reader Class in Java is used to close the stream and release the resources that were busy in the stream, if any. This method has following results: If the stream is open, it closes the stream releasing the resources. If the stream is already closed, it will have no effect.

How do you close a file object?

The close() method of a file object flushes any unwritten information and closes the file object, after which no more writing can be done. Python automatically closes a file when the reference object of a file is reassigned to another file.

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What are the two types of files in Java?

There are two types of files in Java – text files and binary files. Files provide both sequential and random access. A text file is processed as a sequence of characters. A binary file is processed as a sequence of bytes.

Do I need to close files in java?

Only resources needed to be close. In java API there is a interface Closeable Interface, those classes implement this interface they need to be close after use. It closes the stream and releases any system resources associated with it. If the stream is already closed then invoking this method has no effect.

How do you close a method?

Use the return keyword to exit from a method.

What is memory leak in Java?

A memory leak is a situation where unused objects occupy unnecessary space in memory. Unused objects are typically removed by the Java Garbage Collector (GC) but in cases where objects are still being referenced, they are not eligible to be removed.

Can you have two scanners in Java?

1. Using Two Scanners. The idea is to use two scanners – one to get each line using Scanner. nextLine() , and the other to scan through it using Scanner.

Which statement will automatically close the file?

The with statement will automatically close the file at the end of the block execution.

Which of the following is a file attribute?

In operating systems like Linux, there are three main file attributes: read (r), write (w), execute (x). Read – Designated as an “r”; allows a file to be read, but nothing can be written to or changed in the file. Write – Designated as a “w”; allows a file to be written to and changed.


What is mean by file object?

A File object holds information about a disk file or a disk directory. A File object is NOT the actual file. It does not contain the data that the file holds. It is an object that holds methods that affect a particular file or directory.

What are the types of files?

6 Different Types of Files and How to Use Them

  • JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) …
  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics) …
  • GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) …
  • PDF (Portable Document Format) …
  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) …
  • MP4 (Moving Picture Experts Group)

What are the types of I O streams?

Java defines two types of streams. They are, Byte Stream : It provides a convenient means for handling input and output of byte.

Some important Byte stream classes.

Stream class Description
FileInputStream Input stream that reads from a file
FileOutputStream Output stream that write to a file.

What is URL in java?

The Java URL class represents an URL. URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator. It points to a resource on the World Wide Web. … A URL contains many information: Protocol: In this case, http is the protocol.

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