What does SQL database in recovery mean?

An SQL Server database moves between different states/modes. … The database ‘recovering’ state means that the database performs a recovery process and will automatically come online once the process is complete.

What causes SQL database in recovery mode?

Normally, a database is only in “Recoverymode during startup – when SQL Server starts up the database. If your database goes into Recovery mode because of a SQL statement, you almost definitely have some sort of corruption. This corruption can take one of many forms and can be difficult to diagnose.

Why is database in recovery mode?

The reason why SQL Server database is in recovery mode is as follows: While Restarting the SQL Server. When the Database is Set Offline and Online. Restoring the database from backup.

How do I get SQL database out of recovery mode?

Getting the Database Out of Restoring Mode

  1. Flush off all other users and get exclusive access to the database using the following query: USE master. …
  2. Re-run the following query: RESTORE DATABASE [Database name] WITH RECOVERY.
  3. Set the database back to multi-user mode using the following query: ALTER DATABASE Database name.
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How long does SQL database recovery take?

SQL Server took 1802 seconds approximately 30 minutes to recover this database. It might take longer depending on the work SQL Server to do to bring database in a consistent state after recovery.

What is database recovery mode?

A recovery model is a database configuration option that determines the type of backup that one could perform, and provides the ability to restore the data or recover it from a failure.

What do I do when my database is in recovery mode?

There are three phases of recovery that an SQL DB needs to go through:

  1. Phase 1 – Analysis. …
  2. Phase 2 – Redo. …
  3. Phase 3 – Undo. …
  4. Workaround 1: Wait for the Database Recovery to Complete. …
  5. Workaround 2: Use a Professional SQL Database Repair Tool. …
  6. Conclusion.

How do I stop a database from recovery mode?

You cannot stop recovery. You need to wait until it finishes. Since you restarted the server in the middle of a rollback, the server is now doing the rollback in “recovery” mode. You also cannot stop “rollback”.

How can I restore my database online?

You need to use the WITH RECOVERY option, with your database RESTORE command, to bring your database online as part of the restore process. This is of course only if you do not intend to restore any transaction log backups, i.e. you only wish to restore a database backup and then be able to access the database.

How can I check SQL Server database recovery status?

SQL Server 2008 onwards, the two DMV’s sys. dm_exec_requests and sys. dm_tran_database_transactions provides an insight on the different recovery states of the database startup. The other way is by executing the stored procedure “sp_readerrorlog” to get information about the progress of the database recovery.

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How long does a database take to restore?

Although, the database backup file is only 2GB, the restore can take up to 15-20 minutes even on a x64 12G RAM, i7 machine. When I backup similar sized backup files made from a different database, the restore finishes in 3 seconds.

What is responsible to enable the database to roll back in SQL?

PVS enables resource isolation and improves availability of readable secondaries. Logical revert is the asynchronous process responsible for performing row-level version-based undo – providing instant transaction rollback and undo for all versioned operations.

What are the recovery phases in SQL Server?

SQL Server database recovery consists of three phases: the analysis phase, the redo phase, and finally the undo phase.

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