What is EXIF PHP?

The Exif PHP extension enables you to work with metadata from images taken by digital devices. For example, one common use of PHP’s Exif functions is to process photographs taken by a digital camera. Depending on the image file format, you can also retrieve embedded thumbnails of images.

What is meant by EXIF data?

(EXchangeable Image Format) Descriptive data (meta-data) in an image file that include the date the photo was taken, resolution, shutter speed, focal length and other camera settings. Developed in 1995 by JEIDA for JPEG images, EXIF data was later added to TIFF, RAW and other formats.

Is EXIF data dangerous?

While such data is a source of both information and knowledge, especially for someone who studies photography, EXIF data can also prove dangerous and threatening to owner privacy. This is because, besides all the technical factors, the EXIF data also include GPS location, owner name, and personal details.

What is an EXIF and what does it do?

Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) is a standard that defines specific information related to an image or other media captured by a digital camera. It is capable of storing such important data as camera exposure, date/time the image was captured, and even GPS location.

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How enable EXIF in PHP INI?

To enable multibyte support in EXIF tags, the mbstring extension must be enabled by compiling PHP with —enable-mbstring . PHP does not require any additional library for the exif module. Windows only: The mbstring extension must always be enabled. Note that mbstring extension must be loaded prior to EXIF in php.

How do I check EXIF data?

Follow these steps to view EXIF data on your Android smartphone.

  1. Open Google Photos on the phone – install it if needed.
  2. Open any photo and tap the i icon.
  3. This will show you all the EXIF data you need.

Should I remove EXIF data?

Removing EXIF is a smart idea, particularly if you’re especially privacy-conscious however, as we mentioned, your biggest concern is most likely the geolocation information. You can prevent geolocation data from ever being stored in your images in the first place by turning it off in Android and iOS.

Does Snapchat remove EXIF data?

Sorry, Android Users: Snapchat Doesn’t Delete Your Photos, It Just Hides Them. … xml file, and that it contains metadata about expired ‘snaps’ as well as unexpired ‘snaps,’ and that images that are sent via Snapchat are indeed recoverable, and do not ‘disappear forever.

Does Facebook remove EXIF data?

When you share a photo on Facebook the EXIF location data is automatically removed from the photo before it’s included in the post, which is good news for many adoptive parents. … All they have to do is upload the image to Google which will recognize and display any similar photos on the web.

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Can EXIF data be changed?

Yes EXIF data can be altered. You can change the fields in post with certain programs. You can also fake the date simply by changing the date and time of the camera before taking the picture, there’s nothing that says a camera has to have the exact date and time.

What is included in EXIF?

EXIF data (also sometimes referred to as metadata) contains information such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal length, camera model, date the photo was taken and much more. You can also include copyright information in your EXIF data when you register your camera through the manufacturer.

Does twitter remove EXIF data?

Twitter retains Exif data temporarily to process your photo. It is not available to those who view your photo on Twitter.

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