What is functional dependency in MySQL?

Functional Dependency (FD) is a constraint that determines the relation of one attribute to another attribute in a Database Management System (DBMS). Functional Dependency helps to maintain the quality of data in the database. It plays a vital role to find the difference between good and bad database design.

What is functional dependency example?

For example: Suppose we have a student table with attributes: Stu_Id, Stu_Name, Stu_Age. … This is known as functional dependency and can be written as Stu_Id->Stu_Name or in words we can say Stu_Name is functionally dependent on Stu_Id.

What do you mean by functional dependency in a database?

In relational database theory, a functional dependency is a constraint between two sets of attributes in a relation from a database. In other words, a functional dependency is a constraint between two keys.

What is called functional dependency?

A functional dependency (FD) is a relationship between two attributes, typically between the PK and other non-key attributes within a table. For any relation R, attribute Y is functionally dependent on attribute X (usually the PK), if for every valid instance of X, that value of X uniquely determines the value of Y.

What is functional dependency in normalization?

Functional dependency (FD) is a set of constraints between two attributes in a relation. … Functional dependency is represented by an arrow sign (→) that is, X→Y, where X functionally determines Y. The left-hand side attributes determine the values of attributes on the right-hand side.

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What are the types of functional dependency?

Types of Functional dependencies in DBMS:

  • Trivial functional dependency.
  • Non-Trivial functional dependency.
  • Multivalued functional dependency.
  • Transitive functional dependency.

What are the main characteristics of functional dependency?

Main characteristics of functional dependencies used in normalization:

  • have a 1:1 relationship between attribute(s) on left and right-hand side of a dependency;
  • hold for all time;
  • are nontrivial.

What is a functional dependency diagram?


A set of Functional Dependencies for a data model can be documented in a Functional Dependency Diagram (also known as a Determinancy Diagram). In a Functional Dependency Diagram each attribute is shown in a rectangle with an arrow indicating the direction of the dependency.

What is a dependency diagram?

A dependency diagram is a graphical display of all the tasks in a workflow which are required to complete a request. You can use it to create dependencies between tasks, that is, specify the order in which each will be completed, and which tasks need to be completed before others can be released.

Which functional dependency types are not present in the following dependencies?

Which functional dependency types is/are not present in the following dependencies? Explanation: Partial functional dependency types is/are not present in the following dependencies.

Which are the dependencies types?

Types of dependencies in DBMS

  • Functional Dependency.
  • Fully-Functional Dependency.
  • Transitive Dependency.
  • Multivalued Dependency.
  • Partial Dependency.
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