What is round in SQL?

In SQL Server (Transact-SQL), the ROUND function returns a number rounded to a certain number of decimal places.

How do you round to 2 decimal places in SQL?

Replace your query with the following. Select Convert(Numeric(38, 2), Minutes/60.0) from …. MySQL: Select Convert(Minutes/60.0, Decimal(65, 2)) from ….

How do you round a number in SQL?

SELECT ROUND(@value, 1); SELECT ROUND(@value, 2); SELECT ROUND(@value, 3); In this example, we can see that with decimal values round up to the nearest value as per the length.

What is the use of round ()?

The round() function returns a floating point number that is a rounded version of the specified number, with the specified number of decimals. The default number of decimals is 0, meaning that the function will return the nearest integer.

How do I round a column in SQL?

SQL Syntax for ROUND() function:

SELECT ROUND(column_name, decimals) FROM table_name; Where, Column_name – It is the column name whose value to be rounded. It’s a mandatory field.

How do I reduce decimal places in SQL?

The SQL AVG() function returns the average value with default decimal places. The CAST() is used to increase or decrease the decimal places of a value. The CAST() function is much better at preserving the decimal places when converting decimal and numeric data types.

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How do I remove .00 in SQL?

Overview of SQL TRUNCATE() function

  1. TRUNCATE(n, d)
  2. ROUND(n,d, f)
  3. SELECT TRUNCATE(123.4567,2);
  4. SELECT TRUNCATE(123.4567,-2);
  5. SELECT department_name, TRUNCATE(AVG(salary),0) average_salary FROM employees e INNER JOIN departments d ON d.department_id = e.department_id GROUP BY department_name ORDER BY average_salary;;

How do I round up in MySQL?

MySQL CEILING() Function – Round Up to the Nearest Integer

In MySQL, the CEILING() function allows you to round a number up to the nearest integer. More specifically, it returns the smallest integer not less than its argument. You can also use the CEIL() function, which is a synonym for CEILING() .

What is cast in SQL?

The SQL CAST function converts the data type of an expression to the specified data type. CAST can convert the data type of expr when that data type is a standard data type or a subclass of a standard data type such as %Library.

Why do we round up from 5?

The first five digits (0, 1, 2, 3, and 4) all round down, while 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 round up. If you’re missing all digits but the next, then a number of the form X. 5 could be exactly halfway, or it could round up, but it could never round down. So it is rounded up.

Is 0.5 rounded up or down?

If the decimal portion is less than 0.5, we round down, if the decimal portion is more than 0.5, we round up, and if the decimal portion is exactly 0.5, we look at the place value to the left of the five (yes, really, the left!). If it’s an odd number, you round up, and if it’s an even number, you round down.

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What is 0.5 rounded to the nearest whole number?

0.5 Rounded to the Nearest Whole Number

Number Rounded to Nearest Whole Number
0.5 1
1.5 2
2.5 3
3.5 4

How do I remove 0 from a number in SQL?

You can use REPLACE in Oracle but remember to convert the result to number because REPLACE returns CHAR result. This is the answer for removing 0 in any number.

  1. REPLACE() : used to remove 0 from salary.
  2. AVG() : used to calculate average salary.
  3. CEIL() : used to get next rounded integer.

How do I round in Oracle SQL?

Oracle ROUND() function

  1. If no integer is defined, then n is rounded to zero places.
  2. If the integer specified is negative, then n is rounded off to the left of the decimal point.
  3. If n is positive, then : ROUND(n, integer) = FLOOR(n * POWER(10, integer) + 0.5) * POWER(10, -integer)
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