How do I get the current week number in MySQL?

WEEK() function in MySQL is used to find week number for a given date. If the date is NULL, the WEEK() function will return NULL. Otherwise, it returns the value of week which ranges between 0 to 53. The date or datetime from which we want to extract the week.

How do I get the current week in MySQL?

Here is the SQL query to get records of current week in MySQL. In the above query, we use now() function to get present date, and week() function to get week number of date values. So we select rows whose order_date’s week number is same as week number of today’s day.

How do I get week number in SQL?

You can use the T-SQL function DATEPART() to return the week number from a date in SQL Server. By “week number” I mean the week’s number within the year of the specified date.

How do you find the current week number?

The following formula mentioned below is used to calculate the week number after p days: Week Number = least integer [ p / 7 ]

How many weeks have there been in 2020 so far?

There are 53 weeks in 2020.

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What is Datepart MySQL?

There is no DATEPART function in MySQL. Use MONTH(date_column) or EXTRACT(MONTH FROM date_column) instead.

How do I get a week start and end in SQL?

Get Week Start Date & Week End Date Using SQL Server

  1. List of date time functions. DATEADD() …
  2. DATEPART() …
  3. GETDATE() …
  4. CAST() …
  5. Week_Start_Date select statement. …
  6. Divide Week_Start_Date select statement. …
  7. Week_End_Date select statement. …
  8. Divide Week_End_Date select statement.

How do I get the current Monday in SQL?

SELECT DATEADD(week, DATEDIFF(week, 0, RegistrationDate – 1), 0) AS Monday; In the expression above, we add the specified number of weeks to the 0 date. As you remember, 0 represents midnight on Monday, 1 January 1900.

How do I get the first week of the current month in SQL?


  1. Monday of Current Week
  2. First Monday of Current Month
  3. ‘Start of Day’
  4. ‘End of Day’

What week of the year are we in 2021?

There are 52 weeks in 2021. The current week (week 31) is highlighted.

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