Question: Which of the following is an example of checked exception in Java?

These exceptions can be handled by the try-catch block otherwise the program will give a compilation error. ClassNotFoundException, IOException, SQLException etc are the examples of the checked exceptions.

What is checked exception in Java with example?

Checked Exceptions

In general, checked exceptions represent errors outside the control of the program. For example, the constructor of FileInputStream throws FileNotFoundException if the input file does not exist. Java verifies checked exceptions at compile-time.

Which of the following is checked exception?

In Java exceptions under Error and RuntimeException classes are unchecked exceptions, everything else under throwable is checked. Consider the following Java program. It compiles fine, but it throws ArithmeticException when run. The compiler allows it to compile, because ArithmeticException is an unchecked exception.

Which of the following are types of checked exception in Java?

Checked exception

  • throw keyword. It is clearly displayed in the output that the program throws exceptions during the compilation process. …
  • SQLException. …
  • ClassNotFoundException. …
  • InvocationTargetException. …
  • NullPointerException. …
  • ArrayIndexOutofBound. …
  • IllegalStateException. …
  • NumberFormatException.

How are checked exceptions defined in Java?

Checked exceptions are checked at compile-time. It means if a method is throwing a checked exception then it should handle the exception using try-catch block or it should declare the exception using throws keyword, otherwise the program will give a compilation error.

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Is ClassNotFoundException checked exception?

ClassNotFoundException is a checked exception which occurs when an application tries to load a class through its fully-qualified name and can not find its definition on the classpath.

What is difference between checked and unchecked exception?

Difference between Checked and Unchecked Exception

Checked Exceptions are checked at runtime of the program, while Unchecked Exceptions are checked at the compile time of the program. … Checked Exceptions and Unchecked Exceptions both can be handled using try, catch and finally.

Why FileNotFoundException is checked exception?

They’ve let it be a Checked Exception because the user can possibly “recover” from this exception by handling it. For example, the user may specify a different directory in case this exception happened.

What is checked exception?

A checked exception is a type of exception that must be either caught or declared in the method in which it is thrown. For example, the is a checked exception.

Is NullPointerException checked or unchecked?

Answer: NullPointerException is not a checked exception. It is a descendant of RuntimeException and is unchecked. … Answer: Some of the best practices to avoid NullPointerException are: Use equals() and equalsIgnoreCase() method with String literal instead of using it on the unknown object that can be null.

What is exception and types?

Difference Between Checked and Unchecked Exception

S.No Checked Exception
1. These exceptions are checked at compile time. These exceptions are handled at compile time too.
2. These exceptions are direct subclasses of exception but not extended from RuntimeException class.

What are different types of exception?

Types of Exception in Java with Examples

  • ArithmeticException. It is thrown when an exceptional condition has occurred in an arithmetic operation.
  • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException. …
  • ClassNotFoundException. …
  • FileNotFoundException. …
  • IOException. …
  • InterruptedException. …
  • NoSuchFieldException. …
  • NoSuchMethodException.
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Is NumberFormatException a checked exception?

NumberFormatException is one of the core exception and one of the most common errors in Java application after NullPointerException (and NoClassDefFoundError). It’s an unchecked exception, which will not checked during compilation time. As a RuntimeException, it will thrown during runtime.

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