What is cleaning up state in MySQL?

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What is cleaned up state MySQL?

Cleaned Up state means it has completed and cleaned up and waiting for the connection to close.

What is MySQL state?

The MySQL Documentation provides a list of those states. From your MONYog graph, here are the states: Sending data. The thread is reading and processing rows for a SELECT statement, and sending data to the client.

What is query end state?

We’re running on MySQL Percona 5.5 on InnoDB, and whenever our system has bad performance we see that there are a LOT of INSERT threads stuck in the “query end” state. According to Google searches, this state doesn’t do anything, it’s just: This state occurs after processing a query but before the freeing items state.

What is system lock in MySQL?

The mysql_load() function calls the open_and_lock_tables() function to lock the table mentioned in the LOAD DATA statement. MySQL obtains an exclusive lock on the table so that it can very quickly load data into the table.

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How can I see MySQL processes?

Show MySQL Processes in SSH

  1. Login to SSH.
  2. Type in MYSQL to get into the mysql command line.
  3. Type show processlist; in order to see current processes on the server.

How do I kill a MySQL query?

How to Kill MySQL Queries

  1. Show processlist;
  2. Then review the “Time” field to find the longest running query.
  3. Next, run the following command to kill it: kill thread_ID;

What is MySQL slow query log?

The slow query log consists of SQL statements that take more than long_query_time seconds to execute and require at least min_examined_row_limit rows to be examined. The slow query log can be used to find queries that take a long time to execute and are therefore candidates for optimization.

What is Processlist in MySQL?

SHOW [FULL] PROCESSLIST. The MySQL process list indicates the operations currently being performed by the set of threads executing within the server. The SHOW PROCESSLIST statement is one source of process information. For a comparison of this statement with other sources, see Sources of Process Information.

What is thread ID in MySQL?

It contains a column Id which is the Id number of all the threads currently running. Now in my MySQL procedure, at the beginning I wish to know the ID of the thread executing it.

What does waiting for handler commit mean?

The server is executing the first part of a multiple-table update. … FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK is waiting for a commit lock. waiting for handler commit. The thread is waiting for a transaction to commit versus other parts of query processing.

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What does system lock mean?

System lock makes it so it’s safe to leave your computer alone but makes it so you don’t have to shut down.

What is MySQL profiling?

MySQL query profiling is a useful technique when trying to analyze the overall performance of a database driven application. … This article will demonstrate some useful query profiling techniques using tools that are built into MySQL server.

How do I stop a MySQL table from locking?

Workarounds for Locking Performance Issues

  1. Consider switching the table to the InnoDB storage engine, either using CREATE TABLE … …
  2. Optimize SELECT statements to run faster so that they lock tables for a shorter time. …
  3. Start mysqld with –low-priority-updates .
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